Raw Energy Balls with QUIN BITE Hazelnut


Raw Energy Balls with QUIN BITE Hazelnut

For the cake:

4-5 Raw bars QUIN BITE Hazelnut
Raw Energy Mix – contains hemp protein, macca and raw cacao powder


Unpack each of the bars QUIN BITE Hazelnut in a bowl, add a few spoons of the raw energy mix and make a nice big ball. Divide this ball in smaller balls – chocolates. Put each chocolate in a paper for chocolates (if you want) and put them in the fridge

Enjoy them with or without reason! It’s that easy!

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Quin Bite Hazelnut, 30g

Quin Bite Hazelnut QUIN BITE Hazelnut is inspired by the irresistible soft taste of hazelnut-chocolate cream, able to replace even the bread with chocolate spread. Ingredients: Dates, Cashew, Hazelnut, Chocolate chips (cocoa mass, coconut sugar, cacao butter), Cacao powder. Nutrition facts Per 100g Per bar 30g Energy 1731 / 414 519 / 124 Fat 20 6 Saturated 4 1.2 Carbohydrates...