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QUIN BITE Coconut and Orange cookie 50g

QUIN BITE Coconut and Orange 50g Bio vegan gluten free cookie Ingredients: Bio oats gluten free (41%), bio agave syrup, bio coconut oil, bio cashew, bio coconut chips (9.5%), bio pieces of chocolate (cocoa mass, coconut sugar, cocoa butter) orange oil (0.06%), iodized salt. All ingredients are from organic farming. It can contain traces of stones, shells and other nuts.
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Quin Bite Double Chocolate Cookie 50g

QUIN BITE – the delicious gluten free oat cookie! Quin bite offers now gluten-free vegan oat cookies. Made with 100% natural organic ingredients, crispy, delicious and healthy. Enjoy our 3 brand new tastes and share them with your family and friends. - Vegan - Gluten-free - 100% organic Double chocolate cookie for all chocolate lovers to enjoy the healthy pleasure...